Tuesday, 23 March 2010

More about Dyson's Air Multiplier

The Dyson Air Multiplier uses friction in the air to push out its cool breeze. Around the rim of the circular fan is a little opening from which jets a very thin (1mm or so) air stream at 55mph. That thin stream of air pulls more air into the stream thanks to the aforementioned friction. Physicists call this process entrainment.

At the same time, the air that gets pushed away from the ring towards your beautiful face creates an area of low pressure - not quite a vacuum, but the same effect - in the ring. That low pressure pulls in more air from behind the machine (filling the gap) which is then in turn drawn into the air stream. That's called inducement.

The engineering challenge, however, is in keeping that stream of air flowing smoothly - balancing how fast the air is travelling (its "inertia") with how thick it is (its "viscosity"). Physicists have an equation which represents this balance, and it results in something called the Reynolds number.

Friday, 29 May 2009

BBC Summer Good Food Show, NEC Birmingham

Miele is going to surprise its customers on the BBC Summer Good Food Show, NEC Birmingham, running from 10 th 14th of June, 2009. It is an incredible opportunity to cook alongside and learn from some of the UK’s most well known TV chefs through the ‘Miele Cookery Experience’.

The ‘Miele Cookery Experience’ will give 8 participants / session a unique opportunity to improve their skills under expert guidance. Cooking on best in class Generation 5 000 Miele appliances will further enhance what promises to be one of the highlights of the show.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Hovering Vacuum Cleaner

Millions of housewives all over the world can not imagine their lives without vacuum cleaners today, in spite of the fact that these very useful machines have a range of defects. The bigger defect is that the vacuum cleaners often spoil the floor by their wheels. Millions of housewives certainly thought more than once that it would be great if the vacuum cleaners could hover in the air.
After 8 years of laborious work, such a dream was fulfilled by 44-year old Scottish inventor – Mike Rooney. Earlier Mike sold vacuum cleaners, but now he has developed a flying device for cleaning. Of course, the «Air Rider» – this is a name of new machine – is not a fairy-tale carpet-plain, and one cannot fly by it. Nevertheless, this wheelless vacuum cleaner, in spite of a solid 5 kg weight, can hover 3,5 mm high over the floor. This is not enough to talk about a real flight, and almost imperceptible by human eyes, but quite enough to not scratch the floor. Moreover, the «Air Rider» makes the work essentially easier, because to move it through the room, one should make quite less efforts, than during the work with usual models of even very light vacuum cleaners.
A device that allows a wonderful vacuum cleaner to hover in the air is located at the bottom of machine. The air is sucked by vacuum cleaner and goes out of it on a very high speed, that allows it to slightly lift over the surface. Circulation speed is over 320 km/h. This is higher than speed of the most sophisticated model of «Ferrari» – «Ferrari Modena», which can gather speed «only» to 290 km/h. Such a high speed is provided by 1400 W power engine, protected from overheating by a special thermal device.
There is no doubt that Mike Rooney's invention will have a desirable future and great commercial success. Optimistic expectations are confirmed by a long queue of 80(!) countries, which is interested in wonder-machine and willing to produce it. But the first who will use the «Air Rider» will be British housewives. The «Ospri» company from Skarboro has started to produce the hovering vacuum cleaners. The «Air Rider» appeared in the shops of foggy Albion in November, 2004. Anyone who wishes can buy it for about £250.

Samsung has produced a new robotic vacuum cleaner

Samsung has recently presented a new vacuum cleaner model Hauzen VC-RE70V.

New Samsung Hauzen VC-RE70V is equipped with inbuilt cameras by which it makes up a map of the territory being cleaned.
When it's needed to recharge, Samsung Hauzen VC-RE70V does this automatically: it finds a station, recharges itself and continues cleaning.
To avoid a collision with objects, Samsung Hauzen VC-RE70V has 15 inbuilt sensors.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

What is Bosh?

Bosch is the German brand of appliances from Bosch-Siemens Concern – one of the biggest European manufacturers of high quality appliances. The Bosch brand has being been present at European market since 1933.

The concern proposes domestic refrigerators and deep-freezers, kitchen gas- and electro-stoves, washing-, drying- and dish-washing machines, microwave ovens, water heaters, vacuum cleaners and other small appliances.

Bosch-Siemens commits itself to supply all original spares during 10 years long after phasing the appliance out.

The strategy of concern is economy, faultness in work, durability and harmony with environment. To rich the purpose, they apply reliable componentry, expensive materials and high-precision equipment.

Bosch is one of the few manufacturers which effectiveness of vacuum cleaners filtering system was acknowledged by Institute of Clean Air Control as the most trustworthy one in Europe.

Choose a vacuum cleaner properly.

Is it hard to choose a vacuum cleaner? This appliance is not exotic one, there is a great assortment of cleaners in the shops – you can take any one if you like its appearance and the manufacturer's guarantee is provided. But actually the situation is not so easy: the modern vacuum cleaners vastly differ from each other in size, complexity and functionality, and thus your choice requires some special knowledge.

So, what do you need to know about vacuum cleaners? What is mainly required your attention while choosing?

Power. The more electric motor is powerful, the more effectively it copes with dust and dirt. The optimum variant is models with power of 350-400W, and for the big houses – 500-600W.
Cord Length. Some manufacturers manage to supply their vacuum cleaners with cord of 3-4 m long – to use such appliance you will need an extension cord for sure! The cord's length must be not less than 6 m, at a pinch – 5 m. However, a very long cord is also excessive: there is no benefit of it, but you risk to get tangled in such a long cord.
Operation Mode. Vacuum cleaners can perform dry and wet cleaning. The dry cleaning is suction of dust and small parts (sand, paper bits, etc.). Devices with such a limited functionality are cheap and do not reliable because of their simplicity. Unlike them the vacuum cleaners which are able to do wet cleaning are rather expensive, and if broken – require a competent repair. However, this is fully compensated by their facilities: «wet cleaning» proposes not only the floor washing, but also the carpets, window curtains and even furniture cleaning.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Dyson Car Power Adaptor

Dyson has announced that it created a car charger for vacuum cleaner. It will plug from 12V car supply (cigarette lighter) and give more freedom in cleaning to its holders. It's interesting to know that this Dyson Card Power Adaptor gives up to 6 minutes of cleaning with DC16 until it runs out of power.

According to the Dyson announcement, it should help car holders to clean their car everywhere and not to rely on house power plug. The only issue is that you won’t be able to power and to clean at once. The device could only be used after it has been charged.
New DC16 with this perfect charging option was announced in UK with the price of for £129.99 ($225). The only car charger kit will cost £29.99 ($52).